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No audit results of Brevard Commissioners' p-card use as FDLE probes the issue too


By Ralph Chapoco

The public will have to wait to learn the result of the audit of county commissioners' p-card spending, Brevard County Clerk of Courts Rachel Sadoff said in a memo released Monday.

According to the memo Sadoff sent to County Commission Chair Kristine Zonka, she is unable to provide any information regarding the audit because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is also conducting its own investigation into the matter alongside the work that her office is doing.

“Due to inquiries my staff and I have received, I want to provide an update to you and the commissioners regarding the status of the audit,” Sadoff wrote in the memo. “The Brevard County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller's Office is continuing the audit simultaneously while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducts its investigation. At this time, pursuant to Florida Statute, I am unable to release any information relating to this audit.”

Commissioners had been awaiting a report of Sadoff’s findings after the commission made the request back in February. The clerk of courts office provided an update in June. At that time, spokesperson Tyler Winik said officials were hoping to submit a final product to commissioners by the summer.

That report, however, appears to be a work in progress, and Sadoff has not given an update on the issue until Monday’s memo. She cautioned however that the timeline for completing the audit is fluid and it may still be a while before the report is completed and the findings are made public.

Sadoff began auditing their purchase card activities after an anonymous email was sent to the commission and the media providing details about the items that former Commissioner Bryan Lober spent using his county-issued credit card.

It come to light that Lober bought nearly $40,000 worth of technology and office equipment during the pandemic with money allocated to the county from federal CARES Act funds which was intended to assist those affected by COVID-19.

Among the more controversial items was a $750 office chair that had gone missing.

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